Our Commission

Typically, traditional publishers typically offer an advance and pay royalties. Most traditionally published authors make about 5 to 25% in royalties per sale. ACH differs in that we charge an all-inclusive commission fee for marketing services. While we don’t offer an advance, our model ensures that you make more money per sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is your commission?
Our commission ranges from 25 to 40% of your net proceeds. It’s always a flat percentage of your sales, though the actual amount depends on various factors, including your genre, your niche market, and how much content you’re willing and able to produce. 

What do you mean by ‘net proceeds?’

Your net proceeds are what’s received after distribution and printing costs. For instance, let’s say your commission is 25%. Your book grosses $1,000 in sales, but the bookseller takes $400. Your net proceeds are $600. Our commission rate would then be $150. But if the bookseller only took $200, your net proceeds would be $800 and our commission would be $200.

What’s included in your commission?
​Our commission includes:

  • ​A customized marketing strategy and implementation, including the development of content and content ignition (through SEO and social media). Our specialty is in identifying niches that aren’t saturated, providing you with an opportunity to breakthrough.
  • E-book and print distribution. Your book will also be available on Ingram to allow bookstores to order.
  • Customized cover art
  • Your own domain/homepage.
  • A log-on for ACH’s blog, allowing you to post SEO-friendly content effectively and efficiently.

Extra Services (for additional charge):​​

  • ​ISBN Registration
  • Copyright registration
  • Customized website