• Aug 10,

    If plot development, characterization, and the setting is the most exciting part of the writing process, then grammar is the part that we enjoy the least. We wake up in the middle of the night to great story ideas, but we seldom ever get that jolt from comma placement. Storytelling

  • Jul 20,

    I was recently quoted in a Fupping article by James Metcalfe about overcoming writer's block: "Whenever I'm trying to overcome writer's block, I'll try to get into the same mood that I'm trying to convey on the page. For instance, if I'm writing a sad scene, then I'll listen to sad songs

  • Jul 20,

    Most agents and publishers say that the biggest mistake that authors make is starting their story too early. Rejection letters are sent based on those first few lines in the story. The reality is that if you can't catch a reader's attention within the first few paragraphs, there's a good chance

  • Jul 19,

    The age-old advice for dealing with writer's block is to "just write." But for some people, pushing through is simply not an option. Without inspiration, some writers have no motivation. They'll even start to wonder why they began the project. Yet for professional writers, writing is simply a part of