Currently, we are only accepting submissions on an invitational basis. Please sign up for our mailing list to learn when we’re accepting submissions.

We specialize in brand development and platform building for first-time authors, and we want to hear from you! That being said, it’s important to follow our submission guidelines precisely. Please also make sure you learn about our unique business model and what our commission fee entails.

What We’re Looking for:

Our slogan is: “What does your story stand for?” We’re looking for authors that are confident in their ability to tell stories that will change hearts and change perspectives.

We’re interested in commercial fiction, including romance, science-fiction, young adult, fantasy, and general fiction. We are also interested in non-fiction memoirs and literary fiction, as long as it can appeal to the commercial market.

We do not accept non-fiction (unless it’s a memoir), poetry, screenplays, or short stories.

How to Submit:

In the interest of efficiency and saving trees, we accept submissions by email only. Please send your queries to Include:

  • A query letter
  • 50 pages of your manuscript as a PDF attachment (Please note that we cannot open anything that is not a PDF).
    • In the traditional publishing world, it is customary to require the first pages. However, we do not require it to be the first. Send us your favorite part, though please do understand the following guidelines:
      • Make sure that it’s all in the same block (e.g., don’t send us a scene from chapter two, another from chapter twelve, etc.).
      • If you start in the middle, please note that we may not understand what’s going on. Feel free to include a short explanation of what’s going on in the beginning, but the excerpt should be annotation-free.
    • We don’t require the first pages because we don’t buy into the traditional publishing mindset that “if I don’t like the beginning, a reader won’t either.” (A reader will  more than likely keep slugging through a slow beginning if they’re intrigued by the concept and/or the buzz… think, Lord of the Rings). We also don’t feel it is a true reflection of the author’s work. The first pages are generally when authors are still trying to find their voice and understand the story, and those are the first to get edited later.
  • A synopsis (1-2 pages).

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