Some may call us an agency. Others may call us a publisher. But we prefer to think of ourselves as product managers. And our product is your book.
Our job is to make you, the author, more money while creating an engaging experience for our readers. We take care of packaging, marketing, rate optimization, managing mailing lists, and anything else that you can think of… so that you can focus on writing!

What We Offer:

  • Inclusive commission fee
    • Our commission is comprehensive and competitively priced, and we reinvest in your book with our extensive marketing plan.
  • Creative control
    • At ACH, we realize that you had a vision for your story. For this reason – unlike traditional publishers – we make sure that you approve all services, from copy edits to cover art.
  • An impressive guarantee
    • If we don’t meet your royalty goals in the first year, we’ll give you your money back – guaranteed.
  • No upfront costs
    • We manage the cover design, ISBN’s, packaging, and everything needed to make sure your book is successful. All of our services are offered at heavily discounted rates – and you only pay for them if we don’t match your guarantee.

Learn more about our commission based model here.​​